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PIXELGEN is an engineering-first organization based out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, that organically designs and manufactures professional uncompressed video connectivity and processing products catered to larger or more expansive home theatre space installations. With it’s industry leading performance and uncompressed design techniques, PIXELGEN is quickly growing a reputation as the leaders in uncompressed long-reach UHD connectivity, ensuring that every pixel is faithfully delivered as it was intended to be viewed.



• Canadian based, Engineering-first organization
       • Genuine manufacturer holding multiple patents around connectivity 
       • Emphasis on reliability, robustness and interoperability at highly effective reaches up to 50m
       • First ever long-reach THX Certified 4K Interconnect product
       • The world’s first THX Certified 8K Interconnect home theater cables
       • Every PIXELGEN interconnect is 100% uncompressed and supports full protocol functionality
       • Only manufacturer of long-range HDMI connectivity solutions that guarantee interoperability
       • 总部位于加拿大的工程优先组织
       • 真正的制造商,拥有多项连接专利
       • 高度有效地强调可靠性、坚固性和互传操作性,最远可达50m
       • 首款长距离THX认证4K互连产品
       • 全球首款THX认证8K互连家庭影院电缆线
       • 每个PIXELGEN互连都是100%未压缩的,并且支持完整的协议功能
       • 唯一的长距离HDMI连接解决方案制造商, 保证互连操作性


Jack MacDougall, Founder & CEO of PIXELGEN, is a leading industry expert in uncompressed signal distribution and is highly active in the CI community as a CEDIA Instructor. Jack has authored three video signal transmission related patents and has been an advocate for formulating bestinclass interconnect solutions from a compliance, performance and compatibility perspective. Jack’s main area of expertise lies in High-speed signal integrity design methods, leveraging leading edge technologies to maximize performance for the PIXELGEN product line.

Jack MacDougall 是PIXELGEN的创始人兼首席执行官,是未压缩信号分配领域的领先行业专家,并作为CEDIA讲师在CI社区非常活跃。Jack拥有三项与视频信号传输相关的专利,并倡导从合规性能和兼容性的角度制定最佳级互连解决方案。Jack的主要专业领域是高速信号完整性设计方法,利用领先的技术来最大限度地提高PIXELGEN产品线的性能。