Technical 技术

100% uncompressed signal delivery methods  
       • Access to exclusive signal recovery chipsets traditionally utilized in Video Broadcast applications
       • Award winning retrofitting products capable of resurrecting otherwise useless HD cables to work at the maximum 8K 18Gbps standards
       • One-of-a-kind hardware products designed from the ground up with no OEM rebadging/white-labelling or engineering reuse of any kind
       • Products capable of delivering uncompressed formats and functionality (including all HDR formats) in a smart, elegant and future-proofed fashion
       • 100%未压缩信号传输方法
       • 获得传统上用于视频广播应用的独家信号恢复芯片组
       • 屡获殊荣的改装产品能够修复无用的高清电缆,使其在最高8K 18Gbps标准下工作
       • 独一无二的硬件产品,从头开始设计,没有OEM贴标/白标或任何类型的工程再利用
       • 产品能够以智能、优雅、经得起未来考验的方式提供未压缩格式和功能(包括所有HDR格式)